Connecting Property Owners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sharedroof?


Sharedroof provides you an easy way to communicate and collaborate with fellow owners. For example, let's say you need to redecorate the outside of your building. Sharedroof makes this simple: Just send a message, start a project or post a notice. It's up to you! Sharedroof provides you the tools that let's you take care of your most important investment, your property.
Finally, you can say goodbye to endless email trails. Hooray!

What are the features of sharedroof?

Features available right now:


  • Create a virtual building and invite other owners to join
  • Create projects with:
    • Project notes
    • Attachments
    • Votes
    • Payment history
    • Add comments
  • For owners of multiple properties such as landlords, create/join multiple buildings and access all of them through one login.
  • Contact list management such as insurer, managing agent, cleaner etc.
  • Invite guests (e.g. managing agent, gardeners etc) to your building with custom viewing options.
  • Building mailbox system. Contact one or many owners and guests referenced by name or apartment. Contacts are always up-to-date, in line with member details.
  • Search and request access to already created buildings.
  • Membership management.
  • Define building administrators.
  • Insurance policy details and policy history.


Plus there is a growing list of features being developed.

Who is sharedroof for?

  • owner occupiers
  • landlords
  • family members
  • managing agents
  • other property related businesses (e.g. architects)

What types of properties are suitable for sharedroof?

  • Family homes
  • Leasehold blocks
  • Share-of-freehold (common-hold) blocks
  • Condominium blocks
  • Any property with shared ownership interest!

Where can I see an example of using sharedroof?

Please see the Tour page for some examples of how sharedroof can help you.

What about my managing agent?

sharedroof is all about putting you, the owners, in the driving seat. If you are happy with your managing agent, then sharedroof provides a platform that enhances communication. Once your building is set up, add your agent as a guest after which communication is done in such a way that everyone is kept in the loop. 


Alternatively, if you are thinking about self manage or switching managing agent, sharedroof is invaluable as a platform to discuss and form consensus in a private and safe manner.